Blockade "Saga"

«Vallo Alpino» («Alpine Wall») Eastern Front – XXIII. Sector – Subsector XXIII. B.

Blockade (Sbarramento) "Saga" («Zaga») ( Official designation «Becchi»)

Situated under Mt. Ghermada, in the immediate vicinity of border crossing on Planina - Stermizza road. It includes two separate forts (one underground and one a massive concrete structure), a number of field-type MG and HMG nests and passive AT defences (AT wall, mout and minefields).


Fort No. 1: S side of the road, consisting of four combat blocks: two HMGs in steel casemates flush with hill slope, controlling the road towards the border, two HMGs in armoured steel turret, and one concrete block armed with 57/43 mm Nordenfelt AT gun. This combat block also has an entrance door, and a photophone for communication with nearby fort No. 2, as well as photophone oriented towards fort No. 2 of blockade «Ghermada». Underground (logistical part) including dwelling casernes, separate ammo, food and drinking water storages, and two safety exits. Generator room situated near the AT block, air regenerators gas-proof doors for anti-gas defence.

Fort No. 2: N side of the road, built as one massive concrete structure, armed with two HMGs behind «three parts armours»: one controlling the road towards the border, and one flanking the road and covering the area of fort No. 1. Caserne with ammo, food and water storages situated within the concrete structure, photophone for communication with fort No. 1. Air regenerators and gas-proof doors for anti-gas defence. No separate safety exit.

Present state of the forts:

fully accessible, however, fort No. 1 has its steel casemates blown up, steel turret removed, as well as the steel armour of former AT position. This AT block is the only combat block relatively preserved, and is therefore the only possible access to this fort. Vertical access ducts of safety exits are dangerous abysses. Logistical parts in reasonably good shape, but the sewer ducts under the gallery floors now without any protective cover, so visitors have to be careful. Access galleries leading towards destroyed combat positions blocked with debris. Fortunately, fort No. 2 is fully preserved (save for the airtight doors, electrical wiring and plumbing), with its steel armours intact. Since it is situated close to the private property, it is advised to notify the owner of one`s presence.