Blockade "Picola Padesnizza"

«Vallo Alpino» («Alpine Wall») Eastern Front – XXVI. Sector – Subsector XXVI. A.

Blockade (Sbarramento) "Piccola Padesnizza" (Mala Padesnica)- Official designation unknown

Situated near height 1207, defending the crossroads on the road that from Gomanasca plain goes North, parallel with the border. It includes two separate underground forts, a number of field-type MG and HMG nests, a separate concrete AT position and passive AT defences (mouts, steel wire blockade, concrete cylinders and minefields).



Fort No. 1: N side of the road, consisting of three combat blocks, two blocks with double steel casemates armed with HMGs, one steel turret armed with two HMGs. Underground (logistical part) including caserne with ammo, food and drinking water storage. Both forts using one common generator, its room situated near the entrance. Air filters and gas-proof doors for anti-gas defence.

Fort No. 2: SW side of the road, two combat blocks with HMGs in steel casemates. One separate observatory block with safety exit. Underground (logistical part) including caserne with ammo, food and drinking water storage. Entrance situated near karst cave, close to GaF barracks.


Present state of the forts:

fully accessible (however, not in winter time, when the road leading towards them becomes intransitable due to the huge amount of snow). All casemates blown up, steel turret removed. Logistical parts in reasonably good shape, not too unsafe. Access stairways towards destroyed positions blocked by debris. Vertical access duct leading towards turret position is unsafe, and so is the one of the observatory of the fort No. 2. Entrance of the fort No. 2 without its original ladders, making going in rather tricky – definitely not the place to go on one`s own!