This is a visual site, since it is doubtful whether the author can add anything new to already existing technical descriptions of the "Vallo Alpino". Therefore, there are no specific details regarding the technical characteristics of the forts mentioned here. The pictures with short descriptions should speak for themselves.

Usually, when an opinion is mentioned instead of a proven fact, it is specifically stated. I am not pretending to know everything about these fortifications, only trying to base my assumptions on proven and/or published data.

There is certainly one thing that might cause comments: the names of places/locations are given in italian, i.e. are within the historical context - nineteen thirties and early nineteen forties, when this area (now in Croatia and Slovenia) was under italian rule, and all names were italianized. This is to be viewed as a part of extremely interesting history of this region (particularly of the town of Fiume/Rijeka), without any politics. In the descriptions of the forts, present (original) slovenian/croatian names are also given.

The data mentioned here is based on various sources, including italian, german and former yugoslav documents and publications. However, it was also field-checked whenever possible, since the reliability (even of the most authoritative documents) could be a problem. This is especially case with former yugoslav sources, often stating cyclopean dimensions of italian fortifications, (probably) in order to justify great losses during the battle of Fiume/Rijeka.