Blockade "Mezeliate"


«Vallo Alpino» («Alpine Wall») Eastern Front – XXV. Sector – Subsector XXV. B.

Sbarramento "Mezeliate" (Mezelisce) - Official designation unknown

Situated on Aqua Dolce - Pian della Secchia road, on the crossroads near height 1197, consisting of one underground fort, a number of field-type MG and HMG nests, and passive AT defences (two wire blockades and a minefield). Separate concrete mortar position with underground shelter.



Underground fort: both sides of the road, consisting of three combat blocks, two armed with one HMG placed behind 20 cm thick steel shield in concrete blocks situated above the ground. Underground (logistical part) including two casernes with ammo, food and drinking water storage. Generator room situated in the entrance block, air filters and gas-proof doors for anti-gas defence. Long underground tunnel connecting two parts of the fort.



Present state of the fort:

fully accessible (in winter time depending on the amount of snow). Concrete combat positions damaged, with steel shields removed. Steel turret removed, entrance blocks damaged. Logistical parts in reasonably good shape, not too unsafe. Needless to say, this fort (the same goes for just about every fort along the old italo-yugoslav border) is completely stripped of all its outfitting elements, piping, steel doors, filters, electrical equipment etc. Access stairways leading to combat positions are blocked by concrete and stone debris, and the dirt and debris on other stairways makes them very slippery. Protective steel handrails have been long since removed, so caution is to be exercised when attempting to negotiate them. Ex-GaF barracks nearby are preserved, as well as water reservoir, being used by the slovenian forrest/hunting authorities.