Few words about principle:

Nikola Tesla thoughts about future energy can be found in 'The Problem of Increasing Human Energy' ( Century Illustrated Magazine, June 1900 )

His writings has lot of interesting ideas. This is my thoughts based on part where Tesla talk about production of iron and aluminium.

I will try explain this thoughts in details (my understanding with posible improvement).

Production of iron is interesting, but my interest is more in principle of production of aluminium.

I see here a clean technology for car source of energy, which I am explain in other part of my web page 05 (PLASMA ON ALUMINIUM IN WATER).

It can be clean hidrogen source (aluminium hidrogen generation in car, without high presure storage tank), and this is principle for clean production of aluminium, and recycle system.

It is clean for environment, and can be use with 01 (NIKOLA TESLA'S INTERNAL COMBUSTION ENGINE) in cars.

Notes about unipolar (homopolar) generator:

Nikola Tesla's patent 406,968 has great imprevement in this area, but I think it can be more.

Tesla use two unipolar generator in series with belt connection. Only half of belt is active on rotating disk.

This two generators can be put on the same shaft (with electric isolation when is need between), and than belt can be replaced with tube like connect between, with 100% of touching of disks. This style of conection can be fix, and can be put more than two in series for voltage increase. Outside and inside tube connections.

Magnets (electro or permanent magnets) can be in movement with disks or not. This generator doesn't need cutting magneting lines. It only need covered disk with magnetic lines.

I think that centryfugal fource on free electron in disk is responsible for electric generation (but theory of work is not important here). I am read lots of theory, but I think that this embryo of electricity production has some secrets stuff.

Output contacts in centar of shaft is great idea. Only belt need that improvement.

Just when I was finish this page comes news where combination of Aluminium and Gallium alloy (catalyst like in NaOH system).

Three system can be use (NaOH, Gallium and plasma).

Competition in that part is welcome.

Good luck for team from Purdue University!

Hall-Heroult process (which is most used for production of aluminum) must be improved. It is CO2 generator, and it is C consumer.

We must try to found electrode which is resistant on oxygen (O2). And compressing of oxygen for industrial purpose could be use as byproduct.


All this principle could lead to different machine for production of aluminum. Main problem is that consumption of C in process, because elimination of oxygen. If melting Al2O3 is part of great rotating design in great magnetic field (part of unipolar generator), it will be possible make direct current inside that melting electrolyte with high current and low voltage, and without electrodes and that oxygen problem. Of course, this is just theoretical thoughts, and maybe it is practically hard to achive.


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